The I of the Dragon is a fine game that is quite strange to use to , and it has a good storyline.It worths it's money!

User Rating: 8.3 | I of the Dragon PC
The game has good 3D grafics, with many nice and colourfull efects;but, some certain-few details are not "worked" enough.It's sound is it's weak point, coz it's there is no music..Actually you have to adjust the sound effects and the music volumes and all will fix(70% all exept 100% music).The music is not like an epic melody or something, but it's one with the game.The efects are really good and realistic. The gameplay is quite strange and different comparing to usual RPGs, but also when you use to it you will like it very much.You must select one of the three available dragons: 1-->the Fire-Manipulator who is expert in using fire attacks and fire breath weapons and fire based magic, very powerfull. 2-->the Great Magician who lives to use magic, devastating waves of magic or superpower divine healings.It uses some acid breath attacks that freeze but no powerull enough. 3-->the Evil-Magician, he is like a necromancer or something, who uses asid breath attacks and black magic.Magic to lower enemy's stamina ,health or even instantly kill an enemy's soul! The storyline doesn't seems good at all at the start of the game coz it's like only a reason to kill enemies(e.g. 1st mission: kill monsters and their lairs to reatch level 3..(?) ). Allthough, as the time passes you find out many exciting parts of the story and you end up like it very much.. It's value is good, especially or those who like dragons very much-Dragon-Lovers_ P.S. I get an error in the loading of the 6th world part-stage, I hope a patch will be released soon..