A game which was promised to be good and didn't stand up to the hype.

User Rating: 3 | Hunted: The Demon's Forge PS3
I didn't follow this game much, but when i saw it on the game shop shelf i gave it ago.

I got it home, and played with a friend. I found the game to be alright from the first view of it. But then again i had no idea what this game was trying to be.
After completing a few levels, the game got abit boring, and you can see what they were trying to make, and where everything went wrong.

The designers were going for a RPG, hack and slash game. But they left out many elements which could of made this game soo much better.

Every so often you would find new weapons around from weapon racks, or lootable after downing a foe. The only bad thing about these weapons that they are based on the famous 'RNG' (Random number generatior), so you could get through a good few levels and find weapons that wont help you because they are just to weak compared to the weapon you found a few levels back.

They added this special weapon rack, which gives you an enchanted weapon, which has a much higher damage base, and a special effect (poison, shadow, frost, fire etc). The higher damage only lasts for a certain amount of hits, for a melee weapon, you'll blow through your enchanted procs within a few minutes, but with the range player, you'll end up with the enchanted weapon for much longer.

Easy to understand the game
Easy to pick up and play
Split screen with a friend or online
Weapon changing can be nice at times, and upgrading some armor
Enchanted weapons is a nice new idea

Game difficulty changes often, it could be simple one minute, and hard the next.
Split screen size is terrible. They have these borders around the edge of each person's screen, which ruins a good 2-3 inches of each person view.
Weapon upgrading is totally random, and most times pointless
The game is the same on every new level, it's very repetative.
A few graphic issues, where you can see gaps in walls.
They could of worked on a much better RPG element in this game, better talents, some experience, proper weapon upgrading, and the use of buying gear with gold instead of making your own arena stuff.

In short;
This game was a total miss. I saw alot of hype on the game, but i tend not to follow the hype anymore.
I played this game for about 8 levels, and didn't play it again, i ended up returning it to the shop and selling it second hand, just because the game fell well low of the bar.

It was a game that could of been good if they used more RPG elements.
Such as experience, a leveling system for each toon, new skills, and maybe a minor talent system, instead of the option to buy 6 different spells. Also bringing in vendors every so often to buy potions, power ups, or weapons and armor would of made the game slightly better.

But the doll, random hack and slash game it was, it was terrible, and not one to try out.