Worse than expected.

User Rating: 1.5 | House M.D. PC
I did not expect a lot from this, but wow it is oh so bad. The graphics first of all, is made up of photos from the tv show that have been "comic-ized" in Photoshop and the guy doing it must have been following a very badly written tutorial on the internet when doing it, they are bland and just awful most of the time but atrocious at others.
There is no soundeffects and th repetious music starts to slowly gnaw on your sanity.
And then there is the writing... if the writers for this game had been writers on the tv show, it would have lasted 1 season. It's more like a really really really bad sitcom. The first episode in this garbage deals with an old man and the level of humour the writer squeezes out of this is comparable with movies such as Disaster Movie and Vampires Suck... It's just horrendous.
The gameplay, you would think when the rest of the game stinks so badly it must be because the developer spent more time concentrating on the gameplay but not in this case, Oh no... I have seen Facebook games more satisfying and with more depth than this, these are challenges that might be used to train a chimpanzies to emulate human behaviour, I was half expecting to be rewarded with a banana at one point after completing one of the minigames... it just seemed appropiate.

All in all avoid, this is a terrible misuse of a good IP, I love the tv show but this is not it.