Home is a masterpiece of a horror game, unique? Definitely! However it has one small flaw which caps this

User Rating: 7 | Home PC
Normally when I look at games that sound interesting, I watch the trailers first. However there hasn't been a trailer that has made me think "I want it NOW!" Home however, changed that!

The game is excellent, the sound, the writing, the retro graphics that give it that charm that modern horror games just don't have, all of it is beautifully done and works perfectly. You know the sort of charm I'm talking about? Sitting in front of your Amiga computer at 2AM on Saturday with the screen being the only thing lighting the room? Yes, the glory days of gaming and Home feels just like that!

However! one simple thing caps this amazing experience and that is the fact that you cannot return to certain areas in the game. Now this has happened in many other games but in Home sometimes it will give you a subtle warning such as a message saying for example "I know when I leave here I will not want to go back" which does happen at times. But not always.

This means that vital plot elements such as items and findings which add to the story will be unable to be accessed and really leaves you with a sort of dilemma "Restart and do it again? or continue knowing you will not have completed it 100%" a simple "WARNING - Once you leave this area you can not return" would be simple enough, and some of the doors you won't even know are an area exit till you go through it and then BAM! too late!

Due to this I will sadly be giving Home a 7/10 as this simple mechanic leaves me disappointed with the game. However I still recommend you check it out as like I said other than this little setback the game is a horror masterpiece!