User Rating: 9.2 | Hitman: Contracts PS2
When I first started playing Hitman Contracts I was a bit dissapointed to see the game is just a series of flashbacks and when I walked around in the first level wich is the level where you killed your 'father' in the original hitman I was afraid there would be more levels like this that I already saw in the previous games. Luckily however that isnt the case in Hitman Contracts and the flashbacks do actually add to the fun of the game because it allows you to just go on completely different missions every time and so it doesnt get too repetitive. The controls are pretty much the same as they were and there's not a lot of new stuff in the weapons either, but that was good already so it doesnt matter. The graphics look great and especially the little things like the lampoons on the balcony in one of the missions look really great. As in the prequels there are always several ways of killing your target and that makes it a fun game to play again and again untill you've tried all methods. The sounds are good and solid and the music is again top notch. Especially the way in wich the music changes when things get dangerous adds a lot to the general feeling of the game. Overall it's save to say this is the best Hitman game to date and it is certainly worth to play it to the bone.