Does "Blood Money" mean liking to kill people?

User Rating: 8.1 | Hitman: Blood Money X360
I'm not the assassin type, but I liked this game. While this game is the best out of the series, this title still doesn't have that ZING that makes games really satisfying to the gamer. The character isn't the problem at all ; I mean, agent 47 has a cool backstory in a world of inrigueeness. His prey have their own motives, but our "hero" is focused on pro efficiency and pure slaughter, which includes the new notoriety system, and that has some fun rewarding stuff. A generated newspaper clip lets 47 know all the info he needs to know about cops, reporters, and yourself if somebody catches you doing your job. If too many people recognize you and what you do, future hits will be in jeapordy before you even start. Since 47 manages his own money this time, you get the option of choosing to upgrade/buy new weapons or bribing/blackmailing the coppers. All the setups are interesting and very much well made. The killing during an opera is elaborate and wonderfully clever. Usually, the game is ingenious and 47's methods and the environments (along with the corny soundtrack) make the entire game's mood dangerous and dramatic. But Blood Moneys good looks aren't enough though. For every ounce of effort that is put into the levels I wish that had tripled into the AI factor. Threat levels go up without you doing anything, enemies will call in to ambush you even when you're in the shadows, and the map is more of an annoyance then helpful. The other part the game failed in was that in a stealth game, its successful when it makes the player thinks he's smart and is handling the situation in a clever way. Blood Money does not. But even with this huge problem in the way, I still love the Hitman series and particulary this game. The mission design care, the option to choose your own weapons and equipment and when to upgrade them, and Agent 47 is cool. I just hope that future Hitman games have that ZING that this definitly didn't.