Simply the best in the series

User Rating: 9 | Hitman: Blood Money (PC GAMER) PC

This game is believed to be the best of the Hitman series (and it is in my opinion) made in 2006. The main focus being on stealth provides a lot of opportunities in unique environments. You can go full Rambo by gunning your way through every level but will result in more deaths. You can also go stealth which will result in less deaths and a satisfying payoff but you will have to be more patient. This makes you choose whether to go for risk or reward.

The story is nothing special in fact it merely serves a purpose to move the game along ,but they do throw in some plot twists here and there to maintain the players interest but that's all I will say.

On the console versions the fps will drop in more pact situations, the key example being The Murder Of The Crows mission as your wading your way through literally hundreds of people. This game also takes no PC performance so it can run on most PC's. Even though this game takes no huge leaps in technology for 2006 standards the graphics are still very good. On the Xbox 360 especially shows off unique environments with great level design.

I would rate this game a 9/10 highly recommended above all other Hitman games.