a must have for any baseball fan

User Rating: 9.5 | High Heat Major League Baseball 2003 (Takara the Best) PS2
After finding another baseball game in My city for a ps2 i decided to take a chance on High heat major league baseball 2003 and boy was i surprised.

What a game make my previous all star baseball 2002 look like nothing.

The first thing you notice is the stadiums a great deal of detail has been entered into this. with a good crown and the background view of the cities make the ballpark look real and makes you think you are actuall there. The environment and player details are also well above average but on the same token lack in creation there is just one body model and no real editing to be done really. Than again this was a 2003 game not like the creations of 2009 games we are use to now.

There are alos plently of features play with different batting styles and also game ejectioons and umpire argunments with alos a option to meet at the mound. The bullpen could have been a bit better is a bit tought to find who is warming up and even see cut sceens of players warming up which is a shame.

The controls take a bit to get use to but once the learning curve is over you will find it pretty easy and enjoyable to use. Good custom game mode able you to control replays stadiums wind etc.

Overall High heat major league baseball is a brillinat game and money well spent i give it a 9.5/10