Gorgeous graphics makeover for one of the best turn-based RPG series.

User Rating: 9 | Heroes of Might and Magic IV PC
I'm a fan of the series since Heroes III and I can say Heroes IV didn't disappoint me! Quite a bit of features and graphics makeover brought a flashing new feel yet down-to-the-roots addictive gameplay back. I really appreciate the 3D sprites from their beautiful render down to their iconic animation. The enchantingly gorgeous music is a perfect accompaniment to the makeover too.

In terms of the gameplay, some may think that the new feature of your heroes as playable combat units may break the game as they level up into god-like modes, it actually presents a refreshingly new and interesting gameplay tactic to the old formula. However, the only gripe I have is that the six main campaigns featured here are not inter-related as like Heroes III, thus fans may get a little dissed with the lack of a deep story.

But nonetheless, Heroes IV is still a solid turn-based game for the strategy fan. Holy awesomeness.