A wildly imaginative platforming shooter.

User Rating: 6.5 | Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit PS3
I had reservations with Hell Yeah! to begin with as it seemed to be yet another PSN game that placed style of substance, and while that is true to a degree there is a lot of fun in the simple gameplay and if you stick with it past 30 minutes you'll become mildly addicted.

You play as Ash, a dead rabbit burning in hell who breaks out to get revenge on a bunch of monsters, or something, for some ridiculous reason involving a scandal in the tabloid newspapers. It's rather hard to follow but anyone can appreciate the sheer imagination and creativity on display here.

Your weapons are a bunch of guns and a giant wheel you can use to break through between platforms. Both can be customized as well as Ash's head with a series of hats. The levels are the usual sort for such a game, featuring lava, casinos, space etc. But they are all colorful and various unlockable extras will keep you amused for the duration.

There are 12 trophies to unlock, though I suspect there might be some DLC made available in the future. If so, then Arkedo need to patch an annoying bug. The game froze up on me about 5 times, which required resetting the PS3.

Otherwise, a fun, if far from classic video game.

Graphics A-
Sound B+
Gameplay B+
Lasting Appeal B