Heavy Rain is the first game of its kind that will redefine how we play games. Its great!!!

User Rating: 9 | Heavy Rain PS3
Never before has there ever been a game that made me feel like I am there as this game did. And never have I felt so much sorrow, so much devotion as I have for the characters in this game. Heavy Rain wraps u up in the characters everyday activities and their dirty little secrets. You build a relationship with each character (especially Madison lol) and u don't want any harm to come to them. The graphics are off the charts. For the first time when a character is speaking their lips are actually shaping correctly with what they are saying. The story is great. You switch controlling 4 different characters. All with the same goal. To find the sadistic Origami killer. But without a doubt the best trait that this game has that sets it apart from any other game is the consequences in how u play and what u choose to do. Sure we've all seen the different endings in games. But what u do in every section in this game determines how the next section is gonna turn out. There are countless different ways to end this baby. And of course, another huge plus is the shower scene with my personal favorite character, Madison!! Ha its great. I am completely and totally in love with her. But seriously there are countless gameplay hours, tons of replayabitlty and a very swell and whole adventure game. U can't help but love the characters and u can't help but love this game.