Another great game from the makers of harvest moon

User Rating: 10 | Bokujou Monogatari: Harvest Moon Boy & Girl PSP
My son bought me this game for my birthday because I have played almost every havest moon game that has come out and this one is a winner! You can play as a Boy or girl and if you have ever played Harvest moon back to Nature on the Play station or friend or the Harvest moon game that came out for the GBA it is pretty much the same game. The only thing different on this one is if you play as a girl your game will end once you get married. If you play as a boy the town will decide after the end of the 3rd year if you get to stay on your farm. like most harvest moon games you have to make friends with the people in the town, get married and get your farm cleaned up so you can raise live stock and crops. If you do that after you get married you can have a child. When I first started playing I thought the graphics were a little odd but once you get into it they really are pretty good and the sound and game play are great as well. If you are a fan of Harvest Moon this is a must have for the PSP.