some stuff is easy and some stuff is hard

User Rating: 7 | Bokujou Monogatari: Harvest Moon Boy & Girl PSP
The way its easy is you just plant everything and take care of animals and it wastes a little of your day so do what ever you like for money. The hard is getting married, it takes months to get married but the way i did it was first get her to red then enlarge hen house then enlarge house then barn then house again it took me a full game year. Then your married but there is nothing to do.More hard stuff is getting rich. That is harder, you have to have a lot of stuff to sell in fall is when there is a big chance to get rich. Sell a truffle everyday and your rich=).
I think its fun until there is nothing to do. I do not play too much because there is nothing left to do.=(
I now add the medium stuff.The medium stuff is living big and rich, I live not so rich so i guess this is hard so there is no medium stuff