This game sucks from a gamer's perspective... But it has a special meaning to me.

User Rating: 8.5 | Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone PC
I won't lie: I love this game. Why?
Crap graphics. Mindless gameplay. Annoying controls. Lame voice-overs. Pure ridiculousness. Childish theme. And a whiff of shovelware to it. But despite all these characteristics, I grew up on this.
When I was a very little kid, I was a total Potter fanboy. I was obsessed. So imagine my joy when at about age 5 or 6 I got this for my birthday. I was overjoyed, and from the first time I played it, I loved it. I played trough it many, many times with my Mum and Dad on our lame little PC.
This game pretty much defined my introduction to gaming. And frankly, I think it's great for kids... or my Mum. She's playing it now in 2009! (That's why I'm writing this) One of my strongest memories was being afraid of the gnomes that plagued the level (come on, I was only a kid!)
Now, don't get me wrong; the game has some merits. I actually like the art style and atmosphere of the game. Something about it is very, very creepy. Maybe it's the feeling of not being able to backtrack at all, or maybe the sheer loneliness of it.
I love the music of the game, even now. According to Wikipedia, Jeremy Soule (Neverwinter Nights, Morrowind) wrote it -- and that would explain why I like it so much. If you've played it, you might remember the music that plays in the "Flipendo Challenge" level. That's among my favourite parts of the game's soundtrack.
The game portrays Hogwarts quite well, in my oppinion. It doesn't really match the films very well; heck, it doesn't even mirror the books. But it really does feel like I think it should - magical and utterly bizarre; a place of nonsensical mysteries. One of my favourite areas is the "Lumos Challenge"... I don't know why. But now, this game has shaped a part of my mental image of Hogwarts.
In conclusion, I will recommend anyone away from this game -- except for devout potter-fans under 8. I don't like this game as a game -- I love it as a symbol of youth, and my plain wonder.