It was kind of bad but the spells were'nt really disappointing and it wasnt bad it was suprisingly good!!!

User Rating: 8.5 | Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix PSP
The game itself wasn't really hard but the magic was thunder and I'm not saying they were good but they were just right. It wasn't like the X-box 360 version or the ps3 version but it was better then the DS version i can tell you that! So either buy the X-box version or the ps3 or if u just have the Psp then buy the Psp version because it might be the best hand held version! And dont even think about the ds version cuz its just crappy and so maybe is this one AWESOME! And not crappy or bad or its just right!

Anywho people say that this game is really bad and they threw it away well i no if they are not 17 or older they didnt throw it away they just say that! So i will give this game a B+ and im NOT giving pity to anyone or anything to this game its my opinion! And that is why i gave it a 8.5