Warning: This game may arise your Guild Conscience for Buying this piece of stupid crap which is called a Game

User Rating: 2 | Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince PC
Open the Trash Can labeled "Worst Movie Turned Games" and put this right at the bottom of it. To all those Harry Potter, fans, do not play this game, otherwise u may not want to go to the movie, which infact is very good.

I dont know where to start this Review, coz just like the game, it ends even before it starts.

Of all the cool stuff you can do in the previous games, u get to do only 3 in this game, just 3. Potion Making, Quidditch and Duelling thats all. Potion making and Duelling is still a bit Fun, but Flying can be Ignored. But the point is You can do only 2 stuff in the Game.

There is no Open World in this game, the game is quite linear, not to mention, if u havent read the Book, you wont understand a sh it wahts happening. I finished the game in 3 hours, including the 3 minutes which took to Uninstall this piece of Cr ap.

This game is quite buggy, Art Direction su cks, Sexy Hermione looks like shes been Doping alot, and she has become quite cold in this game. Harry looks like a F @ g, Ron is the best Modelled in this game.

There are no videos, DUmbledore death is showed in 3 sec, that is also the finale, I guess, the Animators were quite fed up of showing, old men in the game.

Ok, now I am gonna tell u the best part of this game, hmmmmm, there is none, But when U make Harry Run on full speed (pressing SHift), I like the way How he falls down when U bump into someone, that is the only Fun part.

Apart from this, this game looks like it was made by 10 ppl in like a week, who were having tequilla shots every 5 minutes or so.

Final Verdict: DO not BUy this Game, Save your Money for the Movie, popcorn and Coke Instead.