Horrible,just horrible!

User Rating: 1 | Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince PSP
ahh a slight breeze after the suffacating goblet of fire but although this game isnt as bad as that beast does not mean its perfect but it is nice to see ea whent kind of back to the basics by added some kind of mouse support althouh you dont look with the mouse but instead do spells with it which as awhole lot better than casting spells with a or d buttons but anyway this game better and tells people maybe the next harry potter game will be like the first and another thing is that the quest are better to and they brought back free roaming ohh how I missed to free roaming I guess ea said wow the goblet of fire sucked we better make the nexted better but it is not all good the bad are that speel casting can be hard at times you no longer just press a button and a spell happens no Now you must move your mouse to cast a spell and sometimes might make you angery another is how the game is reallly really easy you cant die or fall off a cliff because harry wont let you so this makes battles really easy but sadly in this game there is no creatures to fight and no arenas just walking around and casting spells at pots or pumpkins this sucks because creatures and arcade like thing make the others fun ohh will bottom line is buy it if you like harry potter dont if you liked the first