all show controls suck rent to determine if you want

User Rating: 4.5 | Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince PSP
graphics are good. not grainy or sloppy. smooth mini-games it depends on the mini-game on how good it is exploding snap is difficultly exponentially increases at higher levels. hand eye coordination becomes an essential for 2 rule sets. dueling is quite easy. quiddage has junky controls for a full mach and keeper.catching the snitch is easy. gobbstones is probably the easiest. point select force shoot and score.
getting lost is too easy without using the rememberal. it is almost required to find your only guide through goal-goal.
the potions difficulty vary from type.
trading is essential chess pieces, potions and butter beer are the most valuable cards are nice at the beginning but quickly loose value. gobbstones are valuable at first but again loose their value even more quickly than the cards.