What does this game have to do with the Goblet of Fire?

User Rating: 1.6 | Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire PC
If you like being stung with giant bees, bitten by alligator-like animals, burned with acid from tuberous plants and mushrooms, shot at with darts, and being singed to death by fire breathing salamanders while listening to derogatory remarks uttered by the virtual characters to one another, you will love this game. If you are wondering what all the above has to do with the storyline of the "Goblet of Fire", hey!, so am I, and I am a Potter-head.

The PC version is next to impossible to play by a single player. The player (or sucker in this case) chooses a character he or she wishes to play as: Harry, Ron or Hermione. After the choice is made, the other two unchosen characters just pretty much get in your way the rest of the game. They are known as the "computer controlled characters" who are supposed to engage in joint spell casting and help you on your journey by defeating horrific monsters and clear safe passage over treacherous terrain. Much, much, much more often than not, instead of assisting you, they wander off and close a gate or bridge that had just been opened or closed, drop a small boulder on themselves or adjacent character, squirt themselves or you with plant acid, or wander into poisonous acid secreting mushrooms. On the time challenges for Moody, they pretty much stand in line of your firing sight, making the game irritating as all get out.

Its pretty much listening to three teens scream and yell as they are singed, pummeled with darts, stung and bitten. The only relief from the sadistic, relentless torture is the either stupid or derogatory remarks the characters make to one-another.

What a lousy time to have. I 'd rather attend a family reunion than play this game.