Harry Potter is shamed by this game...

User Rating: 6.2 | Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire PC
When I bought this game, I thought that it would be great, considering the books were awesome. I was seriously mistaken. I was greatly disappointed in many aspects of this game...I would have thought EA games would have put a little more effort to make this game actually fun for people, when they know Harry Potter is very popular. It is also VERY repetitive throughout the whole game, which becomes frustrating and boring.

You are forced to re-do levels many times.
You get seriously frustrated while your character is continually knocked down and attacked by biting, buzzing mosquito moth things...
The screams of your characters as they are attacked begin to annoy...
The only options that you can change are "Subtitles" and "Auto-Save". Who cares about those!!!!
You choose from a "menu" which levels you are to replay. It doesn't feel like your playing a story from this way of doing levels..
You are constantly being showered with goodies, which takes away the feeling of reward when you get these treats.

Although the graphics, characters and creatures look fairly realistic, it hardly makes up for the disastrous "everything else". I am forced to conclude that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was not a good game, and if you are hell bent on getting it, rent it first.
By M & S