Worst game in the harry potter series but still satisfying. 7.5 out of 10.0

User Rating: 7.5 | Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire GC
Gameplay 74 % The story mode is different compared to the other harry potter series in this game you choose a mission and you play it there is no walking around dumbledore and going to the area that is disapointing if you think that you have to get all the items in the mission you dont you can just go from the begining of the map t'ill you get to the end if you try to find the items you will waste your time the way i beated this game i've done the most important part of the mission. But getting all the items can mix you up because i wont say mission complete unless you get all the items but if you continue you can get to the end no problem. So dont worry about getting gold medals for moodys challenge. The camera angles are crappy you cant move them they are stationary but its not the best view at some point you will miss some items because you werent able to see them.You can play singleplayer co-op wich is allot easier because without co op hermione and ron wont realy react to help you as fast so its a bit stressfull. Some missions are simply but some are hard.

Graphics 55 % The graphics are the worst from it the enviroments are not bad but the enemies and the characters are ugly looking compared to prizoner of azkaban i've played azkaban and chambers of secrets and they are all better the this. Worst graphics.

Sound 80 % The sound is not bad the music is sometimes cool and scary the special effects are not bad but this game is not the best.

Value : I payed this game 3 dollars at microplay its not expensive but its worth a little change in games instead of always playing call of duty mod 2 or gears of wars this game will change your mind a bit.

Overall 75 % This game is a must buy for harry potter fans but under 5 dollars its satisfying i hated harry potter and the movies but now im interested in it now.

7.5 out of 10.0