I love Xbox360... but not Halo

User Rating: 7 | Halo 3 X360
This game is seriously, seriously overrated. Seriously.

The guns look and feel weak. And a shooter is only as good as it's gun. They have no "pop" and kickback. The enemies don't react to getting shot, either. Its hard to tell if you're even hitting the guy! You don't really know until they fall over dead. And they don't even fly back or die in a way that should match. They should sort of fall over. That's all. Weak sauce.

Also, why on earth can't I aim down the sites of the gun?! Unless you have a sniper rifle.... it's ALL HIP FIRE. So a lot of your shots will be imprecise, making it even further difficult to kill enemies since they already don't give you much visual feedback when you're shooting them.

Multiplayer is cool. But it's not intense. For the same reasons why I mentioned above... and that fact that you just run and shoot, die and respawn every 20 seconds. Gears of War had an intense multiplayer. But despite how cool Forge editor is... it doesn't make up for the fact that the core gameplay of it is just cheeseball. it's not... exciting.

Yeah, the game looks great and has awesome features... but it just doesn't FEEL great.