Halo 2 + Hype + Long Wait = Instant Classic

User Rating: 9.3 | Halo 2 XBOX
The wait is finally over....Halo 2 has touched down to earth...... Halo 2 for the most part starts right off after the original Halo. The theme is simple, earth is in trouble, Master Chief has to step in and resolve the issue. RIght off the bat, the first two things you'll notice about Halo 2 is the graphics but mainly its the gameplay that got the overhaul. From dual weilding weapons, a great addition which adds variety to what you'll end up using and fighting against, mixes things up. The single player campagin is linear and straight forward. It is on the short side for such a long awaited game, but the 12+ hours you spend playing are top-notch. Like any game though, just crank up the difficulty and that will diffently add a few more hours to that total. The graphics in Halo 2 are diffently different then the original, and the creators also made sure that every weapon or vechile that appeared in the first game has a fresh new look to it. The most improved area of graphics is the bump mapping which gives the characters "shiney" look to them. You will see this in the beginning scene of the campaign. So overall the single is very good, but Halo 2's obvious strength is it's multiplayer. Well most people can breathe a sigh of relief, as Halo can now be played online, which will give one of the most popular multiplayer games ever even more reason to stick around in the long run. The mulitplayer component in Halo 2 is JAMMED full of new features, maps, weapons. Also including customizable characters, which will help make it easier for ppl to recognize you as an individual. All the classic game modes are back, some are revisd to fit the new maps and gameplay. Multiplayer also keeps its high standard as far as graphics. Also a new feature in Xbox Live, is the Party mode that allows you to stay connected at all times with your friends as you travel from server to server, so you never have to keep checking to see where there running off too. After you find them and add them to your party, there with you till you turn of your box. It's a great feature that will come in handy when clans start to surface very soon. There's no noticable difference between single player and multiplayer as far as looks. I've played for about 12 hours and i can tell you if you have to put your money down on any game this month for the Xbox, this is it, anything else doesn't even compare. The MP is just plain addictive. Overall Halo 2 gives you a package not met by any other game, Halo 2 will be the top Xbox Live Game until the Xbox 2, you can count on that.