Blue Shift gives some fitting closure to that guy who owed us a beer in Black Mesa, but it is fairly average overall

User Rating: 6.5 | Half-Life: Blue Shift PC
As the Sega port of Half-Life was dropped, it's remains were scalvaged for the PC owners who might otherwise benefit.

The result? Half-Life: Blue Shift.

Although Blue Shift plays like a fairly average mission pack, it is infact a stand-alone release, not needing the original Half-Life to play. Even so, it is only a couple of hours long in length and doesn't deliver much new content. There is included a HD pack which benefits players of Half-Life in general with more detailed character and object models however it's fairly glitchy, especially on the Half-Life mods. Yet Blue Shift does atleast give some fitting closure to Barney, that guy who owed us a beer in Black Mesa, while going into a little more depth into how the science team escaped following the Resonance Cascade.

It is doubtful if the plot can still be called canon by this point, but it is still nice to experience Blue Shift even so. Give it a try.