The Game is great but the game is to short.

User Rating: 9.3 | Half-Life 2: Episode One PC
I love half Life and all the expansions have been great I played this for 4 hours and beat it thats not right they sell it for that I just got on that train and it gave me the credits not worth 20.00 but it is a great game but no where near worth the money you spend on it.

Its awesome but I would buy it for 20.00 for a 4 hour game its just not worth it I thought I was at least going to get 2-3 days out of it like the regular Half Life 2 I am just suprised of valve to do that and Now that they have Hl2 episode 3 announced they are just going to do us the same with with episode 2.

But the game play is great graphics great graeat short game but not worth 20.00 bucks Im afraid.