Gunz: The Duel is a freeware game that you will play, put down, and then comeback to for no reason.

User Rating: 8 | Gunz The Duel PC
Gunz: The Duel was launched several years ago but was finally fully released on last year. The game is entirely free to play, and the only time you might spend money is on the premium items which look cool and can help out.

The gameplay is pretty easy to pick up. WASD to move, and the mouse aims. You can customize the controls to how you see fit. The interesting thing about the title is how you would classify it. It's not a full third person shooter because of the RPG elements. But because of the high intensity shooting it's not a full on RPG. You can run on walls, jump off of them, and much more because of the game's insane action movie feel. Using a sword you can slash the wall and dash forward to climb up walls more quickly than my using the sword / dagger to stab the wall holding you in place. With a melee weapon you can dash, and with a gun you can tumble and roll. The control scheme is pretty unique and very addicting.

There are a couple of gameplay modes. The primary one is deathmatch. Theres also gladiator, it's a deathmatch with only swords and you get less xp for kills. There are team variations for both of those modes. There's also berserker, which plays like deathmatch but one player is the berserker. (S)he has no noticeable effects, but there are some. Another major mode is quest. In quest you go to one of three courses (currently mansion, dungeon, and soon to be released prison) with up to three friends. You get items, and xp for beating monsters and can even face a boss if your level is high enough.

The graphics are the downside. To keep the file small graphics aren't up to par with other games that take full advantage of pc hardware. That's not to say the graphics are horrible. The details are decent but hardcore pc gamers will not be impressed. The casual crowd won't be picky.

The system requirements of the game are low. Very low. If you can load gamespot you can play Gunz. Although if you don't have broadband then you're gonna want to upgrade.

The audio is well designed with some excellent and memorable tracks. The guns make noise, the swords swoosh. The grenades and rockets explode. They all make noise.

Because the game is entirely online there are some problems. Hackers have always been a problem in the game. Fortunately it's not as bad as it once was. A lot of hackers now play in shower room maps, which are small enclosed areas where near everyone uses rocket launchers and grenades.

Overall the only real comeback is the graphics. If you're running in the max resolution on a monitor that is higher you will have fun reading the text. But hey you probably have some voice chat program. If you're bored and have nothing to do go register at and download the game. You won't regret it. Even if you do, you're not going to waste any money on the game.