One of the world's greatest bands makes probably the best game in the GH series.

User Rating: 9.5 | Guitar Hero: Metallica X360
I am a big fan of Metallica. I have always loved their music ever since I was a kid and they always will be one of my favorite metal bands in history. Most of their albums (excluding a few after the black album that I don't think are the band's strong points) kick ass! Because of the band's impact on the world of music, it was inevitable that Guitar Hero would make a game dedicated to them. This was the second game in the series (After Aerosmith) to center around a specific group, as well as their favorite bands. Automatically, Metallica fans will feel right at home with this game. Not only featuring an incredible soundtrack, this game sets the standards high for the series and shows off some of the best of what Metallica has to offer.

-For one, it's Metallica
-Excellent song selection
-While not showing many changes from World Tour, it is still one solid looking game.
-Great motion capture
-The extras, such as live concert footage, are really nice touches in the end
-Better music creation

-Less songs than world tour
-Story mode

This game is absolutely genius. You can tell the GH team really loves the band because alot of effort and detail was put into this game. Some more songs would have been nice, but for the most part this game is definitely made for Metallica fans out there like myself. If you are into their music or just an overall fanatic of the GH series, don't pass this up at all.