great songs,graphics,and xboxLIVE support make this game so enjoyable!

User Rating: 10 | Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock X360
ok the game is great. thats the summery of my review but whats so great about it?well lets see
the graphics are pretty good. the people on stage look kinda cartoon-ish if you know what i mean. but nicely done. and the tracks like rock you like a hurricane, even flow, one, and through the fire and flames are such fun to play. and the sound is pretty good. and effects go with it like on before i forget, when ever the singer says "I" before he says "what ever he would say" the lava would shoot up on lous inferno. the light would get bright and its just really cool. and the xboxlive is basic and easy you just choose the option from mode,difficulty,and number of songs. and they can be ranked matches or player matches, with are non ranked FYI.
so in a nutshell this game is great.