Great game to play with friends

User Rating: 10 | Guitar Hero 5 X360
Harnessing all of the potential and building on top of Band Hero and Guitar hero world tour Guitar hero 5 does it all, party play, massive play list, dlc and the like. Most of the time your might be playing quick play but don't pass up the career mode where you can unlock most of the songs and the secret characters

Being a die hard Muse fan i had to get to see Matt Bellamy in all glory but aside from that the songs that they chose for the game are challenging enough to keep you interested and engaged, I would say buy this game if you truly love music games and the challenges they bring.

Guitar Hero 5 really does a great job of enhancing the experience making you feel like your the guitarist and or drummer. singer or bassist by the use of graphics and high definition sound. Also, the dlc packs for the games are outrageous most of them are songs you heard but there are more then 300 songs to chose from and another feature is gh tunes your you can compose your own piece of music