If you played anyother guitar hero and liked it. Dont play this one.

User Rating: 5 | Guitar Hero 5 X360
I will get right to the point.

GH5 sucked. And it sucked big time. Now before all you wannabe rockstar's start sending me hate messages and death threats, hear me out:

The reason Guitar Hero 5 sucks is because the song choices are just awful. Purely disgusting. You got great songs like Lithium and Make It With Chu paired up with Weezer? (wtf?)

They shouldve called it GH5: Pop Rock and a couple of others

Not only do the songs suck, but the actual layout of the buttons for each difficulty is exceedingly inconsistent. For example: The Medium difficulty is the worst culprit. You have songs that are quite easy and then you'd expect the next song (with the same beats per measure) to be around the equal difficulty. Its not. One minute your strumming the next your tapping and having random oranges in medium?!?!

However not all is bad. Now theres no such thing as an impossible song. Songs on Expert in GH5 to veteran GH players it seems like Medium and a half. The only song you may have trouble with is the unearth song. But besides that its gravy.

Onto graphics : Who cares? Its Guitar Hero, the only droning,repetitive game that doesnt require graphics to drag people into it.

overall i'll give it a 5. Reason is because its just the same thing over and over again. The template is the same, they just recycled everything from the last guitar hero. The only new thing is that they have guest appearances from REAL rock legends like Kurt Kobain (rip). Unfortunately I dont think Kurt would have ever agreed to it if he was still alive =\.

Have fun doing the same thing over and over again guys.