This game really doesn't do it for me. The best part was when Kurt Cobain comes on stage to play Smells Like Teen Spirit

User Rating: 6 | Guitar Hero 5 X360
If you're like me you probably used to really enjoy Guitar Hero games..but then..they release about 4 or 5 in one year and we all realized..hey wait a second..this game was only fund cause of the gameplay..and now they're milking the franchise..well this game really shows what happens when a dev team makes 4 or 5 of the same games a year. Quantity over quality is all you get..and this game really is a stinker.

Basically this game took everything there was in World Tour (my favorite of the whole franchise) and dumbed it down a bit, kind of like leaving a soda with ice in the sun for a few hours. Basically all the fun things in the old game are back, just missing that added heart.

The music creator mode just doesn't support more than one band mate at a time..what is that? What kind of band game doesn't allow you and you're buddy to make the song of your musical minds come to life when it says it does. Guitar Hero: World Tour did..and did it why not this one?

The career mode in this game is laid out a lot like World Tour, You play gigs at venues and unlock songs. But as you progress the venues just feel boring, and the songs really aren't that great as you go along. I feel like even though there's more songs, there are less great songs in the setlist. Like I said at the top the best part is unlocking new "real" musicians.

Final Verdict: Rent this, you can get your achievements this way, that's all this game is good for, some achievements. Then you can send it back to Gamefly, or Blockbuster, or wherever you get your games for a newer better game.