one of the best track lists,, and a nice multiplayer mode.. like the new party play mode. one of the best in the series

User Rating: 9 | Guitar Hero 5 PS3
one of the best guitar hero games, whit a good and solid track list. nice chance of play whit the new party play mode. fast and snappy at the loading.
nice graphics and some epic peeps showing up at the encores.

like the way they changed the way you find people on line, and the way you can play 4 of the same kind. the new vs. mode (rockefest) makes it a lot of fun playing online, whit the chance of rules, and the fact that you dont know what mode will come next. the band vs. band is a nice twist and add the game a nice hardcore vs mode, where u have to play like a whole band.

like the way the changed the mulitplayer gameplay from the last one, and the co op moments where you have to hit a number of notes to tricker the multi mode.

looks like the creators spent alot of time changing the multiplayer mode, and made it a lot of fun, playing the co op and the on line multiplayer modes.

i think this is one of the best gh games so far, and looking forward to see the next game in the series,