Guilty Gear is back and it worth it?

User Rating: 8 | Guilty Gear XX Accent Core WII
Intro: I've been a Guilty Gear fan for a while now. So when i picked this up, I had high expectations. Yes i know you can get it for $10 less for the PS2 but i needed a Wii fighter and I was curious in how it would work with the Wiimote controls. Graphics: If you played other Guilty Gear games you would know by now that the character designs, though the same as the last, are still great and the stage backgrounds are well designed. Fighting is also nice and shiny...(Overall 9/10)

Sound: Nice Japanese voice acting(no English) but the soundtrack ROCKS...literally. (Overall 9/10)

Gameplay: If you have a Classic Controller then you would have no problems here. If you don't playing the Wiimote/Nunchuck can be hard and would need A LOT of practice. (Overall 6.5/10)

How long will it last? There are alot of unlockables from Ex characters to completing an art gallery. Modes include Arcade mode, Survival Mode, and M.O.M. Mode. There is also VS CPU and VS 2P Modes. (Overall 8/10)

Overall the game is pretty much what you would expect. If you are new to the series I don't suggest you start here. Why? Mostly because there is no Story Mode and Mission Mode. Overall I give this game an 8/10.