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User Rating: 9 | Guild Wars (Special Edition) PC

Guild was is a massive online multiplayer game where people round the world can interact with each other for free, and is sure to please anyone that loves playing massive multiplayer RPG games.

If you have never played a MMORPG before and are looking to get Guild Wars as your 1st, I'd recommend World of Warcraft, or The Elder Scrolls. Guild wars is an amazing game don't get me wrong, but it have a great amount of commands and keyboard info to learn that might be confusing for new players.



  • Free online play
  • Massive world to explore
  • Having a Guild and Guild Hall
  • Interact with people round the world
  • For a massive game, it runs really good if you have a good internet connection


  • If you loose you activation username your pretty much screwed
  • If you have a bad internet connection
  • Bad internet connection may cause the game to stutter, and disconnect
  • It can be quite difficult to find good willing player to join your guild.


Guild Wars depicts the history of the fictional world of Tyria. A player must create a character (or avatar) to playthrough the cooperative storyline of a campaign, taking on the role of a hero who must save Tyria from specific antagonists.

The game begins in the fictional idyllic kingdom of Ascalon, which serves as a training ground for new characters, where you must protrude through a series of training exercises demonstrating the main aspect of the game's game-play mechanics. After the evens of the training period, the game's story opens up as your typical (but still interesting) and basic story of humans on the brink of annihilation against terrifying beasts. Guild Wars offers its fair share of twists and turns the more you get in the story and does offers a great fantasy story of magic, sorcery, war, and atmosphere.

You will need a 64mb NVIDIA Geforce 4 Ti graphics card or better to play the game in full graphics which every gamer should have. The graphics are very good and the background sceneries are amazing. You have a whole massive world to explore.

The game-play has a great amount of commands and keyboard controls to learn. Before you can do anything, first you'll have to activate your game to play. You make up your own username and password, so be sure to make it something you will remember because if you forget it, then you are pretty much screwed because you cannot change it. Once you've activated your game you are ready to play. Make you character and pick what type of character you wish to have. There are a few types you can pick from.


Which is pretty self-explanatory. You're a warrior, which mean your character can use large weapons and shields.


Rangers are unique in their ability to succeed with the help of, or even in spite of, their environment. Nature rituals allow them to manipulate the environment to hinder their enemies, or borrow the very power of creation to heal and aid their allies. They favour long-range combat, the bow being their weapon of choice, and can be especially effective from elevated locations such as bridges and cliffs. They are the only profession with the ability to charm animals, which then accompany them on their travels and assist them in battle, gaining experience and lever over time. Monk:

Monks employ a direct conduit to the gods, and the answers to their prayers come in the form of healing and protection for their allies and damage to their enemies. Combined with any other profession, monks can alternate between supporting their party and dealing damage to opponents. Elementalist:

Elementalists deal with magic attacks. Summon the power of earth, air, fire, and water and command them at will. They can inflict more damage in a single strike than any other profession, The wise Elementalist avoids becoming surrounded, but keeps a local area of effect spell on hand just in case.


Mesmers are masters of illusion and control, subverting the enemy's Energy for their own use, and that of their allies. Combined with any other profession, their skills provide excellent support, turning the enemies' powers against them and changing the very fabric of reality to hinder foes and help allies.


Necromancers are master of the dark arts, calling on the spirits of the dead and even death itself, to overpower enemies and assist allies. In sacrificing Health and taking curses and diseases upon themselves, they can deal large amounts of damage to those foolish enough to oppose them. Dead and dying enemies become unwilling allies in their hands.

After you have chosen you profession and customized you character, it's time to step into the world of Tyria. In Tyria you can do so many things, almost every one you see in the game is played by someone from around the world. You can work as a team, go on your journey with the help of allies that are played by ether the computer's A.I. system or with real players around the world, or if you wish you can play on your own. In every town or city, this is where you can interact with people round the world. Talk and make new friend, ask for help on missions, sell and buy items and weapons and so much more. You can get you character to do commands, which is rather cool. You can make your character wave, sit, dance, laugh, say yes and no and lot, LOTS more. Outside towns and city's is where you fight enemies, train your character/s, go on missions and or find rare items and weapon that you can show off. At the start of the game, you go through a tutorial mode, going through most of the basic game-play and commands. After that you have the freedom to do whatever you want based on what you've learned i.e. what are the best weapons for your profession, the best items for weapons, what items are best to sell and buy and items that will help your character evolve. You get the chance to play all the other profession and at the end of your training you must decide which two professions you want to play as. Altogether you will have two professions, one is the main profession of your character and the other is your chosen backup profession. You'll need to think hard about your professions because they stay with you the entire game. Picking the wrong perfection may disrupt your game experience, if your not comfortable with the chosen profession.

The thing that's really great about Guild Wars is that you can make up your very own Guild. Guilds are bands of heroes who have joined together under a common banner. You can make up you own guild but this will take a lot of gold and time to work up to get. You can however request joining a Guild, but it's just so much sweeter having your own. When you join a guild, you have a ready-made list of friend who have joined the guild before you, which whom you can form adventuring parties with, trade item, complete mission, and more. Each guild has there own colours and emblem, which allows members to identify one another on sight. In order to make up your own Guild you must visit the Guild Registrar in any town. Having your own guild you can invite members and friend and or, members can request membership to join your guild. Having your own Guild is more than just about purely having a Guild for the hell of it. Having a Guild you can contribute in Guild matches where to and another Guild go head to head in a guild battle to see who comes out victorious. Your guild earns rating points for each guild battle you come out victorious. A good rating means a good guild. You can set up a Guild Hall where you and your entire members and friend can go for private meetings or just to chat in private, and is the place to go for launching Guild Matches. Each guild can have a Guild Hall, but it takes a lot of gold to get one, so don't expect to get one or to make up a guild, right at the start of the game. You have to work hard to get a Guild Hall as well as your own Guild, and it's so worth it in the end. The more players you have in your guild the more easier to it to find information about rare items and weapon from your members and to get help in missions and so on. Having a good guild means you'll need good players that you think will be good enough in your guild and is a good way to make new friends. If you're a type of person that doesn't like taking the time to chat and getting to know people, then leading your guild to victory mite not really work very well.

The sound effects in Guild Wars are very good, just what you would expect from an RPG. Great environmental sound designs, magic, creator sound, music etc.

The lifespan in Guild Wars is massive, as you would expect from a MMORPG. Guild Wars is a game that could indeed take over your life. It may take you weeks to really get into Guild Wars, and it may take you months to get your own guild and Guild Hall, but after you do, it's so worth it.

Overall Guild Wars is an amazing game for MMORPG fan, but not for people who don't like taking there time learning about all the different types of item and weapon and what they can do. This game is massive and will take up a lot of your life. The game-play is great and there is so much you can do and so many places you can explore. Guild Wars many not be as big as World of Warcraft, but it certainly an awesome game nonetheless, and it's certainly a game I'd recommend to any MMORPG fan.

It's you like MMORPG games, like playing online, like playing with a group of players, and like games that are long winded, Guild Wars is a game you should check out.


  • Story – 8/10
  • Online Multiplayer – 10/10
  • Life Value – 10/10
  • My Thought Score – 9/10


  • Presentation – 9/10
  • Graphics – 8/10
  • Game-Play – 10/10
  • Sound Effects – 8/10
  • Concept – 9/10


Guild Wars Review by Simon a.k.a. [TheDevilDweller]