User Rating: 10 | Grand Theft Auto PC
ok well i ferst got a demo and G T A was in it i thalt ok lets have a go and Boom i was hook i dont no why cos its POOP the grathics have you evenseen the screen shots lol you can see it poop lol ok well i dont no why i had to have the fall game i went strayt out and balt it hahahahaha no lie i dident even leave me room untill i completed it i even had diner in my room lol ok well ill get one with is naw.

ok this is poop compered to the new G T A lol the new ones are 3D and no loding screens this is just one for the coleters to colect =)

ok game play yer cept me hoked

grathis lol look at the screen shots ther well funy (i think they are)

the music ther is a bit in the game where ther is a gang shouting out grand theft auto lol i think its prity cool lol