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User Rating: 10 | Grand Theft Auto V X360

I never played before a GTA game, but I heard and read so many great things about GTA V that I decided to buy it on my XBOX 360. And I am not sorry for that. Where to begin a short review? The game is insanely good and you get attached to the characters that populate it. You can choose between three characters :Michael, Trevor or Franklin. By doing that you can choose their side missions and upgrade your talents. I played the campaign and I must say it's a treat. You meet so many characters, you have so many things to do there, you shoot, hijack cars, planes, helicopters, fire trucks or boats and so on. Sadly, there are some issues with the controls (planes especially), or it was just me.

The story is compelling and in the end the three characters split up and begin a new life. From there you can play the side missions which are so numerous.

You can invest your money; or you can buy cars, clothes, guns and so on.

A real treat for any gamer.