A massive game, brilliant in its time and still fun today

User Rating: 9 | Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - The Definitive Edition PC


  • Graphics
    • Lighting
    • Reflections
    • Protagonist model
    • Vehicle models
    • Foliage
  • Driving
  • Action
  • Giant, immersive world
  • A variety of fun world activities
  • Diverse missions
  • Level design
  • Customization
  • Definitive Edition gameplay improvements:
    • Updated controls
    • Free aim gunplay
    • Autosave and checkpoint at beginning of missions


  • Gaining all the hoods at the end of the game is extremely tedious (the game is already pretty long, and to add that right as you’re about the finish was not a good move)
  • A couple of the final missions would be damn near impossible without cheats
  • Launch Issues (more of a problem with how Rockstar handled it than with the game itself)
    • It really sucked to not play on day one
    • Rockstar support communication was lousy. I’ll cut them some slack because I’m sure they were working round the clock to get things fixed, but time estimates and updates go a long way for PR.


  • Definitely quite a few bugs. Don’t know how many existed in the original and how many were introduced. To me it wasn’t that big of a deal though.
  • Claude and Catalina use noticeably different character models than in GTA3. Seems odd seeing as these are kind of big remasters.


  • Story ******** 8/10
  • Gameplay ********* 9/10
  • Atmosphere ********* 9/10
  • Overall ********* 9/10


  • Story (characters, narrative, depth, pace, role playing)
  • Gameplay (mechanics, fun factor, level design)
  • Atmosphere (graphics, environment, mood)