the most beloved GTA of all.

User Rating: 9 | Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PS2

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is one of the most beloved games on Playstation 2, most consider it the best game in the GTA saga, just as CJ is considered the best protagonist of the series (I prefer Niko and Trevor), GTA SA has an open world very well done, full of mysterious places, easter eggs, missions, and things to do, whether to do Chaos or just walk listening to the excellent songs on the radio, the story of the game is very good , happens in the 90's and uses a lot of gang rivalry, history has many twists and turns, revenge and of course polemic, the difficulty is reasonable, taking the mission of the plane that is a hell of a go because of the poor gameplay, the game has a huge variety of vehicles, and the gameplay in the car is very good, there are also enough weapons, the ambiance is very good, there are several different places, you do not always feel the same place, and the game has remarkable missions and a satisfactory ending . Note 90