Same old Liberty City. Still Fun, Still Exciting!

User Rating: 8.1 | Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories PS2
GTA: Liberty City Stories is a thrid person shooter game that is based in a city in america. Now i know that everyone knows about Liberty City and there is not a corner left to explore in it but the fun is there.

In the game you play as Tony Cipriani a mobster who escaped Liberty City in GTA: 3. He is now seeking his way back in Liberty City with Pride and Glory wanted to be respected as he was once after being forced to escape the city.

The graphics in LCS aren't so good, they look a little better than the GTA3 but there is room for improvment. Cars look great just like in gta3 and the light's explosions are good. Weather is nice during sunset,rain ect. it is simply beutiful. The only problem with the graphics is the characters graphics beacuse in general both light and terrain look great in GTA: LCS.

GTA: LCS has a story which is interesting where gangs kill each other. You are with the Leone Crime Family which is basicly MAFIA and throughout the game you get to fight gangwars so there can be peace like Mr. Leone wants.
The Story in GTA:LCS is interesting and keeps you in the edge of your seat until the game ends. If you are looking for a game that has interesting missions and brilliant gameplay than GTA: LCS is for you.
The GTA series as always aim mostly in making interesting characters that keeps you from forgetting them, again Rockstar managed to surpass this by making this a memorable game that will be on your mind for a long,long time to come.

In GTA: Liberty City Stories there are loads of weapons which can be unlocked throughout the game. These weapons as you propably know can be bought from eighter Ammu-Nation or Phil Cassady's Gun Shop (which has the best weapons in the game). The weapons are:

Hand Weapons: Fist and brass knuckles

Melee weapons: fire axe, baseball bat, hockey stick, knife, screwdriver, chainsaw, chisel, cleaver, police nightstick, katana sword, and machete

Guns: Shotgun, sawn-off shotgun, combat shotgun, TEC-9, MAC-10, micro-SMG,H&K MP5K, AK-47, M4, Rocket launcher, minigun, M60 machine gun, Flamethrower, Grenade, Molotov cocktail, Timed Grenades,PSG-1, sniper rifle.

As in other Gta's tje controls are simple and rockstar always seem to make nobody say comments like "these controls suck". You control Toni with the left analog stick and the D-Pad is used to enter vehicles,fire,ect...

You should get Liberty City Stories if you are a big fan of the Grand Theft Auto series and if you really liked GTA: 3. If you are a big fan of shooter games and are looking for a game to play GTA: LCS is the perfect game to keep you accupied for at least 5 days (excluding finding all hidden items and vigilante,ambulance, fire-fighting ect... missions)

The Good: The good in gta liberty city stories is it's capabililty of again great characters and an interesting mission storyline.

The Bad: Characters don't look sharp also there are a few bugs that need to be improved such as going through certain hedges and going through trees.