Grand Theft Auto IV PS3 Review

User Rating: 10 | Grand Theft Auto IV (Canadian) PS3

This review is for the PS3 edition of 2008's GTA IV.

GTA IV single player tells the story of Niko Bellic. A man who moves to Liberty City (New York's spin-off) with his cousin in hope to escape his war-driven past.

The game provides anything and everything you would want it to have - and more. As a game that revolves around New York City, it has clothes shops, hot-dog stands, car mod shops, functioning taxis, known landmark spin-offs (including the statue of liberty) and very extremely rude citizens.

The games story is equally fantastic. You will get to see how Niko Bellic realizes that Liberty City is not actually the land of opportunity, but a corrupted crime-driven world. (he even works as a hitman for the government at one point!)

That being said I will break the points up into

Story: 10 - Niko Bellic quickly became one of my favourite video-game characters. There are also a band of unforgettable side-characters and detestable antagonists as well.

Gameplay: 10 - GTA IV is notorious for it's sloppy driving physics, but to me, that's what really made the game! Also, the rag-doll physics are hilarious. Other than that, physical combat, gunfights, climbing, running, swimming are all superb.

Online: 9 - Classic GTA IV multiplayer - one big giant sand-box mode in Liberty City with cops, armor pickups, gun pickups, traffic and 16 other players and... THE AIRPORT. GTA IV Online also provides simple game-modes such as cops 'n crooks or escort game modes. It did lack significant reason to play alone but it's a blast with friends.

In conclusion, the game quickly became one of PS3's and Xbox 360's greatest hits amongst the community and GTA fans alike. This game is ESSENTIAL.