These add-ons show's you the slum Crimes of a Biker gang and the Prime time of a high profile life.

User Rating: 9.5 | Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City PS3
"The Lost and the Dammed" first i would like to say that GTA4 alone was a awsome game but now with these add-ons you will see parts of Liberty City you were not before able to see like in lost and the dammed you have a Biker hide out with 3-4 activitys just inside and driving around the City taking out rival Gangs and Racing"Road Rash" Style is a blast to play..also the new guns are so fun to use with a automatic shotgun and pistol and much more.. the lost and the dammed really does give you a feeling of a new view in the GTA4 series being a Chopper riding Bad @$$.i must say this.. Jonny klebits is like the (Bobba Fett) of the GTA4 Series "i dont know" i just got that Bad @$$ feeling when playing him.the storie in the lost and the dammed was very intresting and adictive to me.
"the Ballad of Gay Tony"
this add-on i thought i was gonna like the least and boy was i wrong this add to GTA4 is imersive and one hec of a good time playing..Being a Club Manager/bodyguard is not just it!! ..being able to have Drug wars new Trialathon races ,Skydiving,more Helicopter use,New Guns not from Lost and the Dammed,and one of the best parts is the Underground liberty City cage fighting and again the storie just like lost and the dammed is a masterpeice to any one who plays the series.
gamespot complains about both add-ons having two Multiplayer lobies well i disagree both have different match types and gives players the choice to pick different match types and apperances what they did was make lost and the dammed have multiplayer then they had ballad of gay tony have multiplayer so they cant go back and strip Lost and dammed of multiplayer out to expand Ballad of gay tony its not logical its common sense.and by this option R* lives up to what they beleive in Free Roam muli-optioned Game Experience.