Is GTA IV's two spinoffs are as fantastic as GTA IV?

User Rating: 9 | Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City X360

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The Good:

Beautiful R.A.G.E. engine from GTA IV is still there. Plays just as great. The Ballad of Gay Tony returns the humor found in past GTA games.

The Bad:

TLAD is only 22 missions long and TBoGT is only 26 missions long, but considering the fact that GTA IV was a lengthy adventure, it was for the best to be cut-down short. Driving physics are only slightly improved, but still retains that slippery feel.


The Lost and Damned takes on the story of Johnny Klebitz and his notorious "The Lost'' biker gang as they take on Liberty City's other biker whereabouts. The Ballad of Gay Tony focuses on Louis Lopez trying to keep Tony Prince's business intact, but some mafia groups out there want to shut it down and it's up to Louis to set things right.

Game play:

Both spin-offs retain the usual fantastic game play elements of it's main story predecessor. We even figure out other events happening at the same time Niko's up to his usual stuff. Like what happens to the diamonds, and what Johnny does his spare time etc. Driving, while slightly better, still retains that slippery feel and is not pleasant to control at all.


Graphics retain the beautiful R.A.G.E. software that was used in GTA IV. Liberty City is just the same as you remember it from Niko's adventure.

Music and Sound:

Music score is as great as it was in GTA IV. Sound effects are, you guessed it, great.


Controls are the usual if you've played GTA IV.

Lasting Appeal:

The Lost and Damned, a 9.8 out of 10. The Ballad of Gay Tony, a 9.9 out of 10, especially since it returns the humor from past GTA games.