Just an overall fun game that takes over your weekend.

User Rating: 9 | Grand Ages: Rome PC
Grand Ages: Rome is one of the better Rome city building games out there. For those of you that have no clue what you do in this game, I will explain. Like most other city building games out there, your main goal is the please the residents of your city which you can do with food, entertainment, etc. There is more to the game though. Unlike most other city building games, you right click to get your building panel up and a whole circle of items followed by sub-items pops up. This system works way more efficently than what most other city building games give you. Also you got military units in this game. Military aspect of the game is actually very fun. There are a lot of units to choose from and lots of different ways to get them.

The campaign is a very interesting aspect of the game. There are many missions out there, which each mission lasts very long. This causes for extreme playablitity. The campaign throughs you as a governor helping out many other Roman senators with their missions. Each of their characteristcs are shown well in their voice and their actions. For example, some provide you with bonus money, while others just complain to you. Many of the missions are very enjoyable. The campaign is very interesting and I am quite shocked by it. However, theres free play missions also which are great.

The game few flaws, one being the annoying amount of fires, plague outbreaks, and random destroying of temples. Besides that the game is great with excellent music, soundtrack, graphics, gameplay, and storyline. Its a shame that this game is such a hidden jem out there.

In the end, anyone with a interest in city building or strartegy should really buy this game or try the demo.