A Drive of Your Life

User Rating: 9.1 | Gran Turismo PS
Gran Turismo is a fine-looking PlayStation title. Growing up, I had the demo version, and then I got the actual game, and that is one of the funnest experiences in the world. With a well-down career mode, and a wide selection of hot cars, American, Japanese and so many. However, not all are available, and through some challenging gameplay, you get these goodies. You also have a wide variety of courses to race on it. But Gran Turismo is known for its amazing graphics, especially in the late 1990s, it looks almost photo-real. They are top-notch, and the cars look very real like their actual counterparts. There are also well done courses to race on, and a pretty good soundtrack. The opening scene is impressive and it promises that this would be a worthy experience. Gran Turismo is a winner.