For a PS1 game it still stands up from today since its first release on how driving games should be made

User Rating: 9 | Gran Turismo PS

Since its first release back in 1998 Gran Turismo still lives up till today as a classic racing game and a driving game. You could easily say that other video game companies that made other racing games later on in the years could have gotten the inspiration thanks to Gran Turismo. It offers two different modes Arcade Mode offers single races, time trails and verses races which are good for 2 players.

Gran Turismo Mode offers you and requires you to earn different levels of driver's licenses in order to qualify for events, and earn credits, trophies and prize cars by winning race championships. Winning one particular championship also unlocks a video and a few additional demonstration tracks. Credits can be used to purchase additional vehicles, certain parts and tuning. Yet another amazing feature you'll get offered is that it features 140 cars with different manufacturers like Honda, Mitsubishi, Aston Martin, and Mazda.

The graphics and visuals still look impressive from today’s standard in video games especially the race track designs, layout designs making everything most detailed and an absorbing driving game. As if the cars didn’t sound good enough, add some good music to the background and you’ve got yourself amazing soundtrack as well as you drive around each track and course. Its replay value is very good, you’ll always try to beat the game in alternative ways, and you’ll be trying to beat many records from the game or your own scores. Once you've had enough of the career mode, you can go race bots, or play against your friends and test all the different cars.

If you are after a PlayStation console either the PS1 or even play it on the PS2 or PS3 thanks to the compatibility on both systems this is one of those titles that you need to check out if you want a retro title or looking at a fine example on how PS1 games were made and looked back in the late 90's unlike its later titles in the series the first game will always be the one that stands out the brightest on racing games.