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User Rating: 1 | Gothic 3 PC
Heyyo, Wow... so k, they change the naming scheme on this game from roman numerals to Arabic numerals? Oh you know it's gonna be **** when... lol. **** this game sucked when it came out and it still sucks... THE WORST COMBAT SYSTEM IN A PC RPG EVER! Essentially block doesn't do much if it even works and you're better off to just keep swinging your sword cause sometimes the enemies blocks don't work either and you can eventually kill them even if they're retardedly higher level than you.. try it! Go into a village and start killing the guards... they start dropping fast using this "tactic". Gothic and Gothic II might have had **** game controls but the gameplay was playable unlike this trash.

The game when it first came out ran horrible on PC's where as Games like Half-Life 2 which came out before it looks and ran better... I fell through the level within the first 10 minutes... saw two badguys try and jump down from a small ledge and fell through the level... like... did they even play their game before releasing it? Hahaha... I mean, c'mon, even the community patch can't save this game.