Broken, ugly, and boring. Wasted potential.

User Rating: 5.5 | Gothic 3 PC
Ever get into a game and feel lost or like everything is slightly off center? Thats how this game feels. As you wander around from one town to another you feel llke there's something you're missing. But thats the least of your problems. Between ugly graphics, a god awful combat system, and a frame rate which dies for no reason you'll probably forget about plot.

The game itself does have a few redeeming features. The game world is huge with many places to visit and interact with, it has a decent crafting system, and the general concept and potential is a bit exciting. Unfortunately you probably won't get to truly enjoy these handful of things. Assuming you bite down and push through the frame drops and horrid combat you still have to deal with some of the worst load times I have ever seen. Even if you just loaded 30 seconds ago you'll still have to sit through a full minute or two of loading. At one point I spent a full five minutes at a loading screen.

And of course all of this is assuming the broken quests and glitches don't throw you off.

All in all this game is a poor man's Oblivion. There are parts which even feel like Oblivion, only not even close to as good. Don't waste your money on this game.