One of the best shooters of all time.

User Rating: 8 | GoldenEye 007 N64

When I was a kid, playing GoldenEye was so fun and exiting, that I just couldn't get enough. I would sit there and dream about it when I wasn't playing it, and when I was playing it I was in wonder land. I have to admit that over the years the game has kind of worn off on me, but I still think that it is really fun even to this day, sure the controls may not hold up so well today, but there not that bad to be honest with you. In fact I think that they hold up well when compared to games of the early 2000's. One thing that doesn't hold up so well today is the A.I. its a bit poor not compared to todays standards by any means, but by the fact that when several enemy's come at you all at once the game gets very hiccupy and kind of glitchy (and I'm well aware of the fact that this came out in 1997, but does anyone remember Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, that game came out the same year, only earlier, and that game had no hiccups what so ever, and to this day the A.I. is not that bad for that game), but anyway the sure amount of fun to be had with this game is a lot. Overall if your looking to get away from all the hogwash of todays video games, then you should definitely try out GoldenEye 007, who knows you may even end up loving it so much that you'll want to own it. Did I mention that it is one of my most cherished childhood memories, because of the fact that I played it when I was a child, and because of the sure fact that it is such a joy to play, there are many more reasons but that's all for now, just do your self a favor and play this game, trust me if you don't then your missing out on some of the best most cherished video game lore that exists.