Shaken not sturred

User Rating: 8 | GoldenEye 007 N64

Goldeneye is a really fun first person shooter but by no means has it aged well matter in fact it's insufferable at times.


Moneypenny:We have a mission for you Mr.Bond. The russians have taken a satelite and will use it to destroy Earth's capitals. You must obtain the Golden gun and stop Trevelyan from betraying us.

The plot in Goldeneye is as good as you could expect from a video game based off a famous spy film. If you're into the famous 1995 movie or the novel of the same name check it out. But the story feels null overall.


The campaign- The campaign in Goldeneye 007 is one of the best. You have many choices and many of routes so it's never linear or overly scripted. Except for one stage. We'll get into that in a bit on why I don't like that stage.

The AI in Goldeneye was once a head of it's time. But now it's really dumb. These men will croud you and shoot you in a room. They will some times kill each other on accident. It's so painfully easy at time that I can auto-aim at them and they die so quickly

The missions in Goldeneye are really fun. They have lots of objectives and you have tons of guns to weild. They all feel satisfying.

There are a few awkward stealth segments but those are later.

The controls are complete garbage by any measure. Sure auto aim and the mix of the cumbersome N64 controller are awkward. But swapping weapons takes way too long.

You have Natalia and she's dumb as hell. She can't do anything but stand there and get shot. Sure she will shoot but she can't do anything but lug her blocky ass across the stage. She will take forever to hack on one level as you escort her and if you aren't careful she dies.

And then we have the most important part of Goldeneye. The multiplayer. Split screen.

You and your buds would sit on the couch and play in the many modes trying to kill each other in Goldeneye. Setting up traps. Getting cheats and other things. It was a time kids today will not have.There are many maps to choose from .

Graphics- GoldenEye is something of a technical marvel of the Nintendo 64. It's really pushing the Nintendo 64 to its limit because the lag seems unreal at times. There are lots of sharp smooth textures around, lots of surface effects, lots of well animated enemies and explosions about. Today they look really stupid with their blocky faces.

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The music in Goldeneye is very iconic. You could listen to it and feel like you're in James Bond's nice black loafers.


Goldeneye 007 is a fun game that Rare has created and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.