god of war 2 best game ever made

User Rating: 10 | God of War II PS2
god of war 2 is de sequel on god of war, one of best games ever made.
god of war 2 is the story after that kratos became the new god of war but was betrayed by zeus the king of the gods, zeus drived the blade of olympus through his heart. but kratos escaped from the arms of hades
the subjet of the game is to find the sisters of faiths and go back into time to take the blade of olympus and revenge on zeus. through the game you are guided by gaia the mother of earth in the game you meet other titans like atlas the titan who carries the world on its shoulders as punishment
of zeus.the ending of the game is a cliffhanger in that cutscene you see the titans toghter with kratos climming mount olympus to destroy zeus and the other gods of olympus. there are more boss battles then the first game some of the bosses are the kraken a gaint seamonster, euryale the fat sister of medusa and many more. this game is the greatest game I ever played I hope the sequel on god of war 2 will even be better.